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Mafia III: How to Change Clothes & Outfits


Mafia III: How to Change Clothes & Outfits

No suits for you.

How to Change Clothes & Outfits in Mafia III

As an up and coming crime boss in Mafia III, naturally, you’d want to look the part. Having the swagger of a mobster is a huge part of what you need to do to adequately show the streets who’s the boss. You. You’re the boss. But how can you change clothes and outfits in the game? Here’s how to do it within the game and get your Lincoln Clay looking fly.

First and foremost, you need to get to the Somethin’ I’ve Got To Do mission during Thicker Than Blood. This will actually unlock all outfits and clothing within the game. Visit any safehouse or racket that you’ve already taken over and you’ll find a wardrobe there. It looks exactly like a dresser or armoire and will work sort of like a closet for you within the game.

Interact with the wardrobe and you’ll be able to sift through different clothing options and outfits that Clay can wear. Note that there are even more options if you have the DLC that adds them. Additionally, certain outfits will require that you unlock them by accomplishing special conditions.

Of course, as the story progresses, Lincoln’s clothing will change to fit the narrative of the story. This means that you’ll occasionally see him sporting a different look at certain points in the game, so you won’t be stuck with a static outfit for the whole campaign in that sense, either.

That’s all there is to changing your outfits and clothes in Mafia III. If you need more help with the game, let us know in the comments down below and we’ll do our best to help you out. If you want to find the answer for yourself, check out our massive wiki for the game.

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