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Madden 19: How to Get Training Points & What They Do


Madden 19: How to Get Training Points & What They Do

How to Get Training Points & What They Do in Madden 19

Training points in Madden 19 are used to upgrade cards from a lower-end state to one that can rival some of the best cards in the game. It takes a lot of time, effort, and grinding to do so, but if you’re able to complete challenges and put the time in, it’s a safe way to get yourself anywhere from decent to really good cards.

You get training points in Madden 19 by in two ways. The first is through simply quickselling players for training points. Check cards in your item binders and you’ll see that certain players can be sold, and in return, they will give you points that you can use on upgrading players (more on that in a second). The second is as a reward through certain challenges, the same way that tickets, and coin quicksells have been handed out in the past. Training points are acquired similarly how you obtained coins through the quicksells. You’ll get a card that you sell right away to add the points to your account. We do not yet have a comprehensive list of which challenges reward them and which don’t, but you can receive them through completing challenges.

To use your training points, first you’ll need a card that allows it. What you’ll want are purple Power Up cards. Presumably, as the NFL and MUT season rolls on, a wide variety of Power Up cards will be added. Day 1, you have a source of them readily available to you in the Legends challenge section. For now there are a total of 10, and the base low-rated card can be obtained easily by just completing a few challenges which should take you very long.

Then, go to your binder, and locate the card you want to upgrade, select it, and you should see an option to upgrade. There are different upgrade tiers, and you start out at 1. Select the tier you want, and if you have enough training points you’ll be able to upgrade the card and increase its rating.

Check out our Madden Guide Wiki and search Twinfinite for more FAQs answered.

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