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Madden 19: How to Use Sliders & What They Do


Madden 19: How to Use Sliders & What They Do

How to Use Sliders & What They Do in Madden 19

Madden 19 sees a number of improvements over last year’s entry. Updated rosters is the obvious change, but a second chapter of Longshot, and the new Real Player Motion technology is set to make the game feel more realistic than ever. What isn’t realistic, however, are sliders in Madden 19.

Sliders are a goofy way to really mess around with your friends and other players in Madden 19, or just against the AI if you’re bored of the playing the same ol’ game of football. Here’s what you need to know to use sliders in Madden 19, as well as what they do if you’re not entirely sure.

Sliders essentially allow you to tweak how the game plays out on a broad scale. For example, one of the sliders in Madden 19, Injuries, enables you to modify the overall chance of injuries in a game. Turning this all the way down to 0 will disable them entirely, while setting it to max will make your players too fragile for the football field.

To use sliders in the game, you’ll need to head into the settings option. This can be accessed by clicking on the little cog in the bottom right corner of the main menu. From here, you want to go into the Game Options menu, and scroll down to Player Sliders. You’ll find the following options to mess with in Madden 19 here.

All Sliders in Madden 19

  • Injuries – Modify the overall chance of injuries in game. A setting of 0 will disable them entirely.
  • Fatigue – Modify the amount of fatigue applied to players during gameplay. A lower value means players will fatigue slower.
  • Player Speed Parity Scale – Increase or decrease the minimum in-game speed for players. A lower number creates a greater separation between the fastest and slowest players.

The one you’ll likely have the most fun with out of those is that last one. You can either make things incredibly one-sided, or have everyone running at an insane speed around the pitch.

That’s all you need to know to use these fun little modifiers in Madden 19. For more tips, tricks, and information on the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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