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Madden 19: How to Run The Football


Madden 19: How to Run The Football

How to Run the Football in Madden 19

In Madden 19, it’s crucial that you know how to run the football properly. Whether you’re playing offline in Franchise, or going head-to-head in Madden Ultimate Team (MUT), running is likely going to be an important part of your game. Especially online where certain running plays can be abused against players who don’t know how to defend. On the flip side, if all you do is pass, and your opponent catches wind, they could set up their defense to stop the pass.

At the most basic level, if you’re literally just looking for running plays. You can find them in the play menu while in a match in a variety of different places. The most obvious being Run Plays, which is just a giant list of run plays in a variety of formations. Alternatively, you can look for them By Formation, which is a good place to look once you’re more comfortable with the game and in-depth football strategy. The way you set up your offense is just as important as the path the running back will be taking. That leads us to our next point of how to run the football well in Madden 19.

There are a lot of expert Madden 19 YouTubers that can provide you up-to-date meta plays that you can try out. In general though, you want to keep two critical things in mind, assuming you’re playing against someone that is up to your skill level. First, understand formations, both on offense and defense. Not all running plays are created equal. If you line up with three TEs to block instead of WRs, you’re going to be more successful in finding a hole for your running back to punch through. However, that could tip off your opponent if you do it again, and they could set up their defense to blitz/4-4 split between linebackers and defensive lineman, which are effective against the run. In that case, you might even be more effective using a non-optimal formation such as spread wide with 3 WRs, weak side run, and/or a play action, because the defense won’t be expecting it.

So just as important as lining up the right formation and play, is being unpredictable. Sure, if you’re opponent isn’t very good and you can abuse the same play over and over, go for it. If you’re playing someone up to the task though, mix up the pass and the run, and keep your opponents on their toes as much as possible. You can utilize plays within the same formation to keep your opponent unsure of whether or not you’re going to run off to the side, run a play action, or send out a TE for a quick slant.

Finally, Madden 19 added some new run controls that you can get a quick scoop about here if you’d like. But in sum, you can now Quick Cut, and Push the Pile to give your runner a better chance of surviving. Here’s a full list of Madden 19 controls that you can refer to.

That does it for our quick tips and trick for how to run in Madden 19. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask us down below in the comments, and check out our wiki guide for Madden 19 for more FAQs answered.

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