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Madden 19: How to Intercept the Football


Madden 19: How to Intercept the Football

How to Intercept in Madden 19

Intercepting the football is one of the most exciting plays in football. In an instant, a team on offensive could be cruising all the way to the end zone, when then suddendly, a defensive back has the ball in their lands, and chaos ensues.

Intercepting in Madden 19 is not that difficult in terms of what button to press, the skill is timing and pass coverage. To intercept the football while in user control mode, simply press Triangle/Y at the right time. Keep in mind that if you miss while out of auto CPU coverage, there’s a good chance the offensive player is off and running, so try to switch control, or quickly get your defender back in position if needed. If you’re letting the CPU handle pass coverage, it will go ahead and keep up with the WR, but you can press Triangle/Y when prompted (usually in deep ball throws), to make a play at the ball as well.

Actually controlling the defender and going for user picks has a higher success rate, however it’s much more difficult to control and actually pull off. Defenders are a little stiff when being controlled by a user compared to just allowing the CPU to handle covering WRs and other pass catchers that are running their routes. If you dive at a ball going for an interception and miss, you’ll be leaving yourself way more exposed for a big passing play than if you just let the CPU try and fail. Still though, if you can handle it, your chances are way higher since it becomes less about CPU/stats/RNG, and more about skill and timing.

That does it for how to intercept the football in Madden 19 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Whether you’re playing the CPU or online in MUT, best of luck turning the ball over.

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