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Little Dragons Cafe: Can You Farm?


Little Dragons Cafe: Can You Farm?

Can You Farm in Little Dragons Cafe?

Little Dragons Cafe is the latest project by Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada. While both games do share some similarities, they play extremely differently. While Harvest Moon is all about tending to crops and livestock, Little Dragons Cafe leans more towards restaurant management and raising your own pet dragon. That being said, some fans might be wondering if they can farm in Little Dragons Cafe.

Apart from managing the family establishment, your character will often explore the world and look for ingredients in Little Dragons Cafe. There are different collection nodes scattered around the map, including a small garden right beside the cafe. While this node does offer plenty of vegetables and other similar resources, you don’t necessarily need to farm or tend to it. Instead, the garden will continue to grow overnight until everything’s ready for harvest. Alternatively, you can use Dragon Manure to speed up the process and reap all of the vegetables and ingredients on the same day. Apart from this, however, the game doesn’t have any farming mechanics nor can you grow plants or crops yourself.

As for livestock, on the other hand, you can catch wild chickens out in the wild and bring them over to the cafe. Captured chickens will live right beside your garden and produce eggs every day which can be used as ingredients for your dishes. After several days, the chickens will head back out into the wild, and you will need to catch them again if you want their eggs. At its core, Little Dragons Cafe isn’t about farming and focuses mainly on making on uncovering new recipes you can serve to your customers.

That’s basically what you need to know about farming in the game. If you’re looking for more details or updates on Little Dragons Cafe, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

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