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Little Dragons Cafe: Is There Character Customization?


Little Dragons Cafe: Is There Character Customization?

Is There Character Customization in Little Dragons Cafe?

Little Dragons Cafe puts you in charge of your family’s establishment after your mother suddenly falls ill to a mysterious disease. As the head of the cafe, it’s up to you and your crew to keep the place running while also raising a dragon that holds the cure to curing your mother. Before the game starts, however, you have to make the decision of which character you’d like to play as. That being said, one common question some people might have is if they can customize their character in Little Dragons Cafe.

Right when you start a new game, you’ll be presented with the option of picking either a male or female avatar in Little Dragons Cafe. The pair are actually twins and whoever you pick becomes the main protagonist and controllable character throughout the story. Aside from picking which person you’d like to play, there’s no other form of character customization in Little Dragons Cafe. You can’t edit how this character looks like, meaning you can’t change their facial features, height, and overall physical appearance. It’s also worth noting that once you pick the male or female protagonist, you can’t switch to the other twin in Little Dragons Cafe. The other character essentially becomes one of your staff members who takes orders, serves dishes, and cleans up after customers. It’s important to choose which character you’d like to play as since you can’t double back unless you create a completely new save file.

While you can’t customize your character’s appearance, there are still plenty of other activities that can take up your time in the game. From collecting different recipes to raising your dragon, there’s always something to keep yourself busy. If you’re looking for more details on Little Dragons Cafe, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

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