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Little Dragons Cafe: Can You Change Clothes?


Little Dragons Cafe: Can You Change Clothes?

Can You Change Clothes in Little Dragons Cafe?

Little Dragons Cafe has you taking over the family restaurant after your mother suddenly falls ill to a mysterious disease. With the help of your pet, it’s up to you to keep the establishment running while trying to find a cure and help your mom. Pressing issues aside, Little Dragons Cafe mainly focuses on looking for ingredients, cooking meals, and raising your dragon. That being said, a question some new players might have is if they can unlock new clothes or outfits in the game for their character or pet.

Your character, regardless of if they are a girl or boy, has two different clothes in Little Dragons Cafe. When you’re inside the cafe, he or she will don their aprons and wear their waiting staff outfit. When they are out exploring, on the other hand, they’ll trade in their culinary costume for something more streamlined that’s better suited to the outdoors.

Aside from these two costumes, however, there is no other way to unlock new clothes in Little Dragons Cafe. As for your dragon, there are no clothes or accessories you can find or give to your pet. There is one way to change how it looks, and that’s by feeding it food that changes its color.

To do this, you need to cook meals with a specific dye, such as green or blue. If you keep feeding your dragon some food with the same-colored dye, it will eventually change color. Apart from that, you’re pretty much stuck with a naked dragon throughout Little Dragons Cafe.

Despite the lack of clothes and costumes, Little Dragons Cafe is filled with all sorts of different activities that will take up your time. From serving customers to exploring new locations, you and your pet will always have plenty of things to do in the game. For more tips and tricks on Little Dragons Cafe, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

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