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Graveyard Keeper: How to Get a Stamp


Graveyard Keeper: How to Get a Stamp

How to Get a Stamp in Graveyard Keeper

Graveyard Keeper will have you transporting corpses from a donkey courier, to the morgue, to the graveyard. While they’re in the morgue, though, you’re going to be able to perform an autopsy. Once there, you’re able to extract all kinds of stuff from the body, starting with the flesh. In fact, if you level this skill tree up enough, you’ll have access to a ton of different parts. A skull, the intestines, heart, etc. All of those will be prime for the picking and selling! It’s definitely one of the best ways to make quick cash within the game, by the way. But you won’t really be able to sell that initial flesh without a stamp of approval on it. Here’s how to get a stamp in Graveyard Keeper.

You’ll likely run across the quest line that’s all about getting yourself the stamp if you’ve at all bothered to even talk to the tavern owner. So, to get your hands on one, you’ll need to either get it from Snake or buy it from the Royal Services box.

The Royal Services box will be available for you to use once you’ve fixed up and re-opened the church near your house. Once you do, you can interact with the box right outside the church and head through the different menus, starting with the Citizen options. There, you’ll see a stamp is purchasable for 50 silver. Quite steep, right? If you have the coin already, it’s the easiest way. Otherwise, there’s another way…

Once you head through the secret hatch in your house, you’ll be underground in some tunnels. You’ll get a cutscene if you go at night and you’ll be introduced to Snake. You need to clear the rubble in your way first, then you’ll be able to talk to him the next time he shows up during the night. If you give him 5 faith (obtained from doing sermons in the church once a week), you’ll be able to get a stamp from him.

That’s it! That’s how to get a stamp in Graveyard Keeper. If you need any other help with the game, let us know what your question is down in the comments below. If you’d rather find the answer yourself, check out our search bar within the top menu of the site.

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