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Is Graveyard Keeper Coming to Xbox One? What You Need to Know


Is Graveyard Keeper Coming to Xbox One? What You Need to Know

Is Graveyard Keeper Coming to Xbox One? What You Need to Know

Graveyard Keeper marks the birth of a new pseudo video game genre: cemetery management. It sounds weird, we know, but it’s actually brilliant. It marries the farming simulation loop and same addictive to-do list-style gameplay of Stardew Valley to a black comedy setting, while also working in a super compelling narrative. It’s packed full of the same charm, too, and pops from the screen with a similarly vibrant aesthetic. The big difference, of course, is that you’re micro-managing the rather grim but just as important task of burying the bodies of hundreds of medieval bodies. It’s unique stuff, that’s for sure. So much so that Xbox One players keen to try their hand at becoming a grave mogul will likely want to know whether Graveyard Keeper is coming to the console.

We’ve got good news: Graveyard Keeper isn’t just coming to Xbox One, it’s already out. Better yet, if you’ve got Game Pass, it’s just been added as new content available to all subscribers.

Of course, there’s still a way to play Graveyard Keeper on Xbox One if you don’t have Xbox Game Pass. It will set you back $20 for the one-off purchase.

For those wondering what it costs to subscribe to Xbox One’s Game Pass service, that would be $60 for six months, which grants you access to the game along with dozens of other Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. In addition to Graveyard Keeper this month, new games added to the service include Hitman, Rage, and Doom. The other big boon with the service is that you’ll be granted access to exclusive first-party games at launch.

That’s everything you need to know about whether Graveyard Keeper is coming to Xbox One. For more useful information and guides on the game, keep it locked to Twinfinite.

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