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Graveyard Keeper: How to Get Blue Points


Graveyard Keeper: How to Get Blue Points

How to Get Blue Points in Graveyard Keeper

Graveyard Keeper is all about progressing through different skill trees to get better and better. It’s what will allow you to craft more and more, and you’ll naturally accumulate experience the more things you do. There are red points, green points, and blue points within the game. Here, we’ll be talking about how to get blue points in Graveyard Keeper. Here’s how to do this.

While red has to do with physical, laborious stuff (mining, picking stone, etc.) and green comes from nature like farming or foraging or trees, blue comes from spiritual actions. You’ll get points every time you complete actions and depending on which of the above categories the action falls under, you’ll get specific points for that color. Follow those guidelines for getting any of the specific colors.

So, when it comes to blue points (which will help you increase technology in the blue book within the skill tree), you’ll need to do spiritual things. What does this mean? Well, you can make gravestones or the trimmings, you can harvest organs from corpses in the morgue, or you can perform alchemy. These all will get you a lot of these points and allow you to stock up on the very important skill.

These are all used for better tools, perks, and technology in general, so you definitely don’t want to forget to level up and use those points! Head into your menu and flip through the different books in the Technologies section and get to shopping around.

And that’s all there is to it! That’s how to get blue points in Graveyard Keeper. If you need more guides, let us know what your question is down in the comments below. If you’d rather search for the answer yourself, use our search button in the menu above.

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