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Fortnite: How to Mute Other Players


Fortnite: How to Mute Other Players

In many multiplayer games, communication between team members is absolutely key. Players must coordinate their attacks, fortify their defenses with a well-planned strategy and in general, keep constant a constant line of communication to be successful. Fortnite, the world’s most popular Battle Royale game, is no exception. Still, that’s all well and good with a fine squad, keeping a line of communication, but we’ve all been in that situation where just another word from your teammate might make your head explode. Fortunately, like most modern multiplayer games, Fortnite does allow you to shut them up. But since the game doesn’t make it super obvious how to set that up, you might well be wondering how to mute other players in Fortnite.

Before patch 5.30, muting players required that you go the pause menu, find the name of the player you wish to mute and select the mute option from there. Now, though, that option has been removed. The only option you have before you when hovering over a player’s name is the option to add this to your Epic Games friend list. While significantly more obscure, with notes about the new way to mute players seemingly absent from the update 5.30 patch notes, it’s still possible to mute other players.

Like before, you still need to go to the pause menu. Once there, find the name of the player you wish to mute. You’ll see that there is no option to silence a player, per se, but by clicking on their name twice, the player will be muted. There is a bit of latency in doing this though, so it might take a few seconds to for the player to actually be muted.

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