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For Honor: Is it Cross Platform? What You Need to Know


For Honor: Is it Cross Platform? What You Need to Know

Is For Honor Cross Platform?

For Honor is the popular fantasy fighter which pits classic warriors from all different time periods aganist each other in both massive battles across huge battlefields, and also intimate 1 on 1 duels between classes such as Samurai and Knights. If you’re a history geek that enjoys the idea of seeing exaggerated versions of history’s most revered warriors going at it, it’s definitely a game worth checking out. It’s been free to play/try before including through Xbox’s Game With Gold Program. If you’re here, you’re probably wondering if For Honor is Cross Platform.

After all, it would be pretty sweet to not only cross dimensional lines in-game, but to also blur the lines between gaming platforms and play with your buddies on either PS4, Xbox One, or PC. The answer in this case, is mixed.

There is no cross platform play in For Honor in the traditional sense of being able to join a lobby with anyone who is playing in the world, regardless of what platform they play on. Which is unfortunate, but not incredibly surprising. The gameplay between keyboard and mouse, and traditional controllers is quite different in this case.

That said, For Honor does have Cross Platform play in a different way. While you can’t play together, all of your contributions to the game’s Faction War, regardless of what platform you’re on, does get added all together. There is only one single Faction War across all of the For Honor gaming platforms, and whether you’re on PS4, Xbox One or PC you’re contributing to it if you’re participating in it.

That does it for whether or not For Honor has cross platform play. While it’s too bad you can’t fight each other directly, at least you can fight together/or against each other more indirectly. It’s better than nothing.

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