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For Honor: How to Block Damage


For Honor: How to Block Damage

How to Block Damage in For Honor

For Honor drops you into the shoes of your chosen ancient warrior, to battle it out with other players in brutal hand-to-hand combat. Despite being two years old, For Honor has managed to retain a sizable player base with its PvP multiplayer, and the game’s recent change to a free-to-play base package has only made those numbers grow even more. Of course, while fighting other players’ offense is important, even more important is your defense. You’ll need to know how to block damage and defend yourself.

Blocking is fairly easy to do in and of itself, but you’ll need to train yourself to recognize which direction your enemy is attacking from. When locked in 1 vs 1 combat, all you need to do in order to block is move the right thumbstick in whichever of the three directions the enemy is attacking, and switch to that stance indicated by the three cursors on your character. If you push the stick in the same direction the enemy is attacking, for example up and up, you’ll block the attack.

Keep in mind, however, that blocking an attack doesn’t completely block all damage, as you’ll still take a fraction of damage whenever the enemy uses a heavy attack. This ties into a stat in For Honor known as Block Damage Resistance, that can reduce the amount of chip damage you take.

It’s a complex stat that’s a bit hard to get your head around, but a few threads on the Competitive For Honor Reddit can help shed a little light on how it works.

That’s all you need to know about how to block damage in For Honor. For even more tips, tricks, and guides on For Honor take a look at our extensive wiki guide, with loads of information on the game.

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