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Death’s Gambit: Where to Find the Enchanter


Death’s Gambit: Where to Find the Enchanter

Where the Enchanter Is in Death’s Gambit

When you first get started in Death’s Gambit, you’ll inevitably pick up a whole bunch of equipment and items that clutter up your inventory. Unfortunately, even when you get to Sanctuary, you’ll find lots of NPCs willing to sell you stuff, but none of them buy things from you. This is where the Enchanter comes in, and he can even upgrade your gear if needed.

From Sanctuary, go to the upper left corner, past the female knight and the shopkeeper. Defeat the spear enemy as well as the two archers, then keep going up and left where you’ll encounter the Phoenix boss. After killing the Phoenix, proceed left to enter the Obsidian Vale. From here, keep going left past the enemies until you find two NPCs in a cage. Head all the way up from here, then go right to defeat some enemies to clear the path. Go further right, and you’ll find a horn you can interact with. This will lower a ladder at the start of the Obsidian Vale. Head up the ladder and follow the path to fight the Tundra Lord boss. After defeating him, head left to find an NPC you can untie. This is the Enchanter, and he’ll show up at Sanctuary the next time you go back.

The Enchanter will be located next to the death’s idol back in Sanctuary, and he can disenchant your items to give you soul stones. These can be used to gain extra shards, or for upgrading your weapons up to +5. The Enchanter can also upgrade your weapons to make them stronger.

That is all there is to know about where to find the Enchanter in Death’s Gambit. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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