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Death’s Gambit: Is it Coming to Nintendo Switch?


Death’s Gambit: Is it Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Is Death’s Gambit Coming to the Nintendo Switch?

Death’s Gambit is a challenging 2D adventure that places players right in the heart of combat. Set in a mysterious medieval world that’s shrouded in mystery, players must weave through the realm and challenge powerful bosses as Death’s right-hand man. The game offers various classes to choose from, along with an expansive skill tree that lets you choose your preferred play style. Moreover, players can even customize their own character with gear and freely explore the vast world to their own liking. All that said, Death’s Gambit is looking like another perfect indie game on the Nintendo Switch, and some players might be wondering if the game will be coming to the hybrid console.

As of the moment, the developers have yet to formally announce Death’s Gambit for the Nintendo Switch. Their focus seems to be on optimizing both the PC and PS4 versions first before bringing their project over to different platforms. However, Nintendo Switch fans shouldn’t lose hope as the official Death’s Gambit Twitter account might have given fans a sliver of hope. The developers have already acknowledged their game’s demand on the Nintendo Switch, replying to a netizen’s tweet that states, “You know everyone with a switch wants this.”

Nonetheless, Nintendo Switch fans will still have to wait for an official announcement if the developers ever plan on porting Death’s Gambit. The tweet is far from a confirmation, but it still definitely seems like a good sign for those who are holding out for a Switch copy. Fans who are itching to play the game, on the other hand, can get it now on the available platforms.

We’ll be updating this post if ever we hear any new updates about a possible port. If you’re looking for some tips and tricks on Death’s Gambit, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

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