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Death’s Gambit: How to Heal and Restore Health


Death’s Gambit: How to Heal and Restore Health

How to Heal and Restore Health in Death’s Gambit

Health is one of the most important things you’ll need to mange in Death’s Gambit, and you can heal yourself up with plume feathers. Near the start of the game, just progress through the level normally and you’ll encounter Vrael, who gives you a few feathers. These are automatically equipped in your first item slot, and you can restore your health simply by pressing the R1 button, or RB if you’re playing with an Xbox controller.

The catch is that you start with a very limited number of healing charges in Death’s Gambit. Once you’ve used up all your feathers, you won’t be able to heal again until you rest at a death’s idol and get your feathers back. If you run out of healing items, you can also use a Leaf of Gaia to restore some HP. These can be found as drops in the world, but they won’t get restored by resting at a death’s idol. It’s also worth noting that you will lose one feather each time you die, and they can be picked up again by going back to the place where you died. If you can’t remember where you dropped a feather or don’t want to grab them manually, you can also reclaim them from the death’s idol by paying a certain number of shards. However, the shard cost will increase as your character’s level goes up, so be mindful of that.

As you progress through Death’s Gambit, you’ll be able to find more feather upgrades that allow you to heal more often, as well as new feathers that heal up more HP and offer more restorative effects.

That’s all you need to know about how to heal and restore health. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more information on Death’s Gambit.

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