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Battlefield V Multiplayer Open Beta is Coming This September

Battlefield V

Battlefield V Multiplayer Open Beta is Coming This September

As revealed at NVIDIA’s Gamescom Conference, Battlefield V’s open beta will be launching on Sept. 6.

For those who have pre-ordered the game, however, the beta will be available Sept. 4. This gives players a whole month to experience the game’s multiplayer ahead of its Oct. 11 release.

Details about the title were officially unveiled at this year’s E3, including knowledge that the game will be set in World War II. Most of the pre-release footage has focused on the game’s multiplayer, with the single-player portion of the game remaining relatively undercover.

A Closed Alpha was released in June, which showcased a title that built upon Battlefield 1’s design. Battlefield V incorporates some brand-new features for the series, including an update on the four major classes, along with a much-anticipated Battle Royale mode.

Battlefield V will be launching on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The full game, as well as the open beta, will feature male and female soldiers, as well as a full look of the game’s new features.

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