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Arena of Valor: How to Leave Guild


Arena of Valor: How to Leave Guild

How to Leave Guild in Arena of Valor

In Arena of Valor, guilds can be a good way to build up your friendship group and receive extra bonuses. But just like in real life, occasionally the time comes when you must go your separate ways. Perhaps the guild has fallen on hard times, or you’ve had grievances with your fellow members. Maybe you’re seeking bigger and better things? Whatever your reasons, you want to leave the family. Hopefully when you think you’re out, they don’t pull you back in.

But how do you achieve such a feat? It may not be immediately apparent, but never fear, you’re not lumped with your crummy guild for all eternity. On the main menu, click on the guild tab on the bottom left. Between the member number and activity points bar, there is a button labelled ‘check.’ Clicking on that will bring up the member list. On the bottom right corner of this screen, there are two buttons. One is labelled ‘invite,’ and the other ‘leave.’ Obviously, you’ll want to click that ‘leave’ button if you want out of the guild.

Note that there will be a cooldown period of one hour after leaving a guild before you can join another one. If you are unable to leave the guild at the present time, it may be due to current participation in an event like the Valor Cup. Try again at a later time, and if you are still having issues, you may have to report a bug officially to be looked into.

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