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Arena of Valor: How to Get Vouchers


Arena of Valor: How to Get Vouchers

How to Get Vouchers in Arena of Valor

There are several different currency systems in Arena of Valor, and they all operate differently from one another. Gold is the basic form of currency, and can be earned in-game simply by playing, or even by logging in. Gems are a little different, and mostly obtained through log-in bonuses or separate achievements. They can be used to buy different items on their own separate tab.

But what of vouchers? These are closer to real currency, and can be used to buy special skins, lottery tickets, or coveted heroes like Batman or Lumburr. For these reasons, they are coveted, and if you’re not careful, you’ll happen upon a lot of scammers who will promise you untold wealth.

To be clear, there is presently no way to be awarded vouchers in-game. If someone is telling you that they know a way how, they are almost certainly trying to deceive you. Don’t give out personal details to anyone in Arena of Valor, even if they claim to be part of the development team, as you will soon end up regretting that decision.

Vouchers can be purchased safely from the location where you downloaded Arena of Valor. Google Play and the Apple Store both have vouchers for sale that you can acquire securely, without fear of your details being used in an illicit manner. Remember: this is a video game, and no amount of in-game bonuses are worth jeopardizing your actual personal safety over.

For more tips, tricks and general safety knowledge, stay tuned here on Twinfinite. We’ve got the best and latest guides on Arena of Valor and other games, plus we’ll keep you on the straight and narrow to prevent being scammed. Because after all, as our boy Sonic the Hedgehog once advised, that’s no good.

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