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Arena of Valor: How to Play the Game


Arena of Valor: How to Play the Game

How to Play Arena of Valor

It’s time to take your weapon in-hand, find a band of champions to join up with, and destroy anyone foolish enough to cross your path! Arena of Valor is a MOBA game, where teamwork and coordination make the difference between certain victory and crushing defeat. Here’s what you need to know about the game and how to play it.

Your major goal in Arena of Valor is to destroy the enemy team’s structure, while preventing them from getting to your’s first. Each team is made up of player characters known as heroes, as well as computer-controlled minions that will assist in combat. You can target other players as well as minions, depending on whether you want to take the fight directly to your foe, or thin out their onslaught. There are enemy towers that you can destroy along the way, as well as a jungle section riddled with neutral foes that both teams can attack, though if you stay out of the main battlefield for too long you can leave your forces vulnerable.

By defeating enemies and destroying towers, you will begin to amass gold that can be used to strengthen your character, as well as XP. The more powerful you are, the better you will be at pushing through the enemy defenses.

Different heroes in Arena of Valor have different strengths and techniques, and it is crucial to assemble a balanced team, where each player has a clearly defined role. Heroes fall into various classes that dictate their playstyle. Some heroes actually have two classes, which make them more versatile, but consequently, more difficult to use.

Warriors are high damage dealers that can usually withstand some punishment, too, while tanks are ideal for sponging up hits. Assassins can unleash deadly strikes, but they are not built to last, and prove better at picking off foes individually. Mages wield devastating magic to make up for their lacking physical prowess. Marksmen are ranged fighters who can mow down hordes of foes. And finally, support characters, while not flashy themselves, excel at boosting their teammates while debuffing foes.

The best advice is to play around with a few different types of characters until you find one you like, but also keep in mind that you’ll need to fit in to suit the team composition. As such, niche players that specialize in support heroes can find themselves proving useful, particularly with the abundance of players that favor DPS.

For more tips, tricks and guides on Arena of Valor, stay tuned here on Twinfinite.

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