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When Childish Gambino’s New Album Releases


When Childish Gambino’s New Album Releases

Childish Gambino’s New Album Release Date

Childish Gambino, real-name Donald Glover, has been the talk of the town for the past few years now. Not only is he the director and lead role in the excellent TV drama series Atlanta, but he’s also been credited with a number of roles in major movies, too. Of course, Childish Gambino is Glover’s moniker for his music, and having seen the release of four albums already, many are awaiting his new album, which is also rumored to be his last under the Childish Gambino name. As such, it should probably come as no surprise that everyone’s clamoring to know when Childish Gambino’s new album release date is.

Currently, we don’t have a set release date for Childish Gambino’s new album, with it said to be releasing sometime in 2018. However, it’s worth noting that the release of This Is America as a single just a couple of months back suggests that the album release date may be pretty soon. Artists tend to release singles off upcoming albums in order to generate hype. Drake has recently done the very same thing with his album Scorpion, releasing God’s Plan, Nice for What, and I’m Upset ahead of the album’s official release last week.

Further, Gambino is set to perform at two festivals this month, the Bilbao BBK Live next week, followed by Lovebox based in London just a couple of days later. He’s also set to tour the world starting in September, which we assume will likely be the tour for his new album. As such, it seems like a safe bet that Childish Gambino’s new album will release prior to September. Exactly when, however, we’re still not entirely sure.

As soon as we hear anything, however, we’ll be sure to update this post and let you know the release date of Childish Gambino’s new album. For now, however, just sit back, listen to Because the Internet, and the time will fly by.

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