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Walking Dead Our World: How to Walk Around the Map


Walking Dead Our World: How to Walk Around the Map

How to Walk Around the Map in The Walking Dead Our World

The Walking Dead Our World recently launched for iOS and Android devices, and places you in a real world map with the titular zombies from the television show and franchise. It is similar to the popular Pokemon Go game, except you are shooting zombies in the head instead of capturing cute Pokemon.

Just like Nintendo’s mobile title, there are no set levels or created environments. The entire game takes place on a giant map that is powered by Google Maps. That means zombie infestations and survivor missions can happen near your house, your place of work, or anywhere within your immediate vicinity.

You are the avatar on the screen, and will walk wherever you walk. So if there is a supply drop you want that is a block away, you will have to walk the block to claim it. The game is a little generous on distance though, so you don’t have to be right next to it to get it. The game is completely reliant on turning on location services, since it requires your smartphone’s GPS to track where exactly you are in the world.

The other way to travel around the world is through a flare. After joining a group, other members can set off flares which will transport anyone to their location for a limited amount of time. This is helpful if you do not live in a highly populated area where missions and other events can be found around almost every corner. You can also help other members escort survivors to their shelters and upgrade their buildings if you are close by.

That is how to walk around the map in The Walking Dead Our World. Check back with Twinfinite for more guides and coverage.

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