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The Walking Dead Our World: How to Change Weapons


The Walking Dead Our World: How to Change Weapons

How to Change Weapons in The Walking Dead Our World

The Walking Dead Our World launched for iOS and Android devices earlier this week, offering the chance to shoot many zombies in an augmented reality (AR) game. That means you can fight enemies against the backdrop of the real environment around you using your smartphone’s camera. It is similar to Pokemon Go, except there is no catching Pokemon and a lot more violence. Here’s how to change weapons within the game.

Since shooting zombies and enemies in the head is an integral part of the game, there are plenty of weapons to choose from. Now players will not be able to unlock every weapon from the start, but there is a nice variety within the first few levels. It includes pistols, submachine guns, an assault rifle, and a shotgun. Most weapons will be able to get the job done, though you can go with pistols for accurate one-shot kills to the head or crowd control with the shotgun.

Once you have obtained a few weapons from completing random missions and events, you will be able to switch between those weapons before you head into a battle. Tapping on a nearby survivor’s call for help or infestation mission will bring up a sub-menu displaying which weapon and hero you will bring into the fight. To change your currently equipped weapon, tap on the card and the menu will scroll up with a full list of already owned weapons.

Select the weapon you would like to use and it will be equipped. Make your choice carefully because you can only carry one weapon into the battle and cannot change during the fight. Be sure to upgrade your weapons as well, since the zombies get tougher as your player level increases.

That is how to change weapons in The Walking Dead Our World. Check back with Twinfinite for more guides and coverage.

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