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Top 10 Most Popular Open World PC Games According to the Steam Leak


Top 10 Most Popular Open World PC Games According to the Steam Leak

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10. Saint’s Row IV – 5,275,914 Players

Most Popular Open World Games on Steam

saints row 4 funniest games

Open-world games have become all the rage in recent years, with many of the most acclaimed and popular titles falling into the genre. A recent leak in Steam’s API allowed users to see precise data for thousands of games on the platform, including player counts. Sorting through the data we’ve found the ten most popular open-world games on Steam, according to player counts at least.

Eking it out at the end is Saint’s Row IV, the latest entry in the over-the-top crime series. Saint’s Row IV upped the ante even more making your Saint the President of the United States, right before an alien attack. The new focus of gameplay was on giving you superpowers, letting you dash around the city at a breakneck speed and jump building in a single leap. Of course, there’s still plenty of ridiculous weapons like the Dubstep Gun, and a wealth of both main missions and side missions to complete. Interestingly Saint’s Row IV’s player count sits just above Saint’s Row: The Third, which has 5,143,189 players.

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