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The Walking Dead Our World: How to Search and Join a Group


The Walking Dead Our World: How to Search and Join a Group

How to Search for and Join a Group in The Walking Dead: Our World

The Walking Dead: Our World recently released for iOS and Android devices, and is an augmented reality game similar to the popular Pokemon Go. It features plenty of characters and the titular zombies from the television show and franchise. Although, you will be shooting lots of zombies in the head instead of catching cute little pocket monsters.

Like most other mobile games, you can join a group at any time to earn more rewards. Joining a group opens up a weekly challenge which offers an exclusive “challenge pack” of various loot. The weekly challenge comes in three tiers, and requires 25 missions in each tier to be completed by any member of the group or in conjunction with other players. Some of these missions include:

  • Rescue 15 survivors and take them to Shelters.
  • Win 80 battles.
  • Exterminate walkers by clearing 5 Infestations.
  • Take down 300 Regular Walkers.
  • Save your bullets. Take down 200 Walkers with headshots.

To join a group, tap on the social tab all the way to right of the lower menu bar or tap the challenges tab which will show a pop-up menu directing you to the social tab if not already in a group. A long list of groups should appear alongside a search bar if you know the name of the group you would like to join. Simply tap on the green “Join” button to the right of the group name to join it.

Each group can hold up to 25 members, and can be set to public or private. You can tell a group is private with a lock symbol next to its name, but you can always request to be in the group with the “Request” button where the join button should be.

That is how to search for and join a group in The Walking Dead: Our World. Check back with Twinfinite for more guides and coverage.

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