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The Official Dragon’s Dogma Online Site is Counting Down to Something

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The Official Dragon’s Dogma Online Site is Counting Down to Something

Dragon’s Dogma Online has a new teaser site with a countdown ticking away, and it’s very curious. What could it mean? Well, it’s a “countdown to despair,” so you can take that you’d like, and it ends on July 19, 2018 at 1 PM JST. It could mean that we’re looking to see some important Dragon’s Dogma news from Capcom in just a few days, and it could even lead to an update for the game. There’s also some sort of date there, August 16, 2018, which could point to when a new update will drop as well.

Dragon’s Dogma Online is a follow-up to the original action RPG Dragon’s Dogma, which debuted on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC in Japan only. It skipped a western release this time around. Players take on the role of one of the Arisen, as they defend the land of Lestania. Taking MMORPG mechanics and fusing them with weird mechanics like large enemies that you can climb and fell like Shadow of the Colossus’s cadre, it’s an intriguing title that it’s unfortunate western players haven’t had a chance to try out.

Perhaps this could signal an upcoming release, but it’s more likely it’s just going to be an update coming in the next few days. Whatever it is, we’ll make sure you know all about it, when the timer hits zero.

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