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The Bar Has Been Set for Cute Pikachu Blankets


The Bar Has Been Set for Cute Pikachu Blankets

I’m not sure if a bar for Pikachu blankets even existed before today, but it exists now, that’s for sure.

A Reddit user by the name of BasilFawltier shared today what is now officially the cutest Pikachu blanket I’ve ever seen. Knit – it’s knitting right, not crocheting(?) – by his wife for their niece and nephew, these (presumably) children now possess what should be considered a national treasure.

Credit: BasilFawltier and r/Gaming

I want it so damn bad, but I have to imagine that it took forever to knit. Maybe not though; I’m not even sure if what you do to make that is called knitting, let alone how long it would take for someone who knows what they are doing, I’m hardly an expert. I know it would take me a lifetime, that’s for sure.

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