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Sims 4: How to Make a Basement


Sims 4: How to Make a Basement

How to Make a Basement in Sims 4

The Sims 4 is all about customization, and one can spend hours setting up a house to their personal specifications, from its overall appearance right down to details like the placement of stairs and bedrooms. Basements are an important part of any house you’ll build as they provide a useful alternate room or storage space. As your family grows or your Sims’ hobbies expand, the basement is a handy space for the overflow. It also makes a suitable crypt for those using the Vampires expansion —perfect for your vampire to lay his head down on his cozy coffin.

The first thing to remember is that unlike Sims 3, in Sims 4, a basement is essentially just a room, and you can actually build a conventional room and then drag it downstairs (via the build mode) to create one. To do so, just build the room on the first floor and then access ‘lower level’ to drag and place it down there. You’ll notice the windows disappear if there were any to begin with.

However, there is a basement-specific tool sitting on the build menu toolbar that allows you to see a visual reference of where your house is (you won’t be able to see the house when you’re in ‘lower level’ mode). To build a basement using the tool, simply click on the tool and then click and drag on the area of the house you’d like to install the basement beneath. Now when you access ‘lower level,’ the size and design of the basement will be according to your drag and drop, and it will be in the position you wanted.

Note that when you want to add stairs, you’ll need to do so from the level below. Be careful that once you’ve laid stairs and are happy with your basement that you do not then go and raise the foundations of your house on the ground level without considering the effect beneath. For example, if you make your basement too small and then your foundations larger, the basement stairs will disappear as the angle will no longer be appropriate. Make sure you keep checking the alignment as you build your abode.

That does it for how to make another nifty room in Sims 4. For more useful tips on the game, keep it locked on Twinfinite.

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