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How to Refund a Game on Xbox One


How to Refund a Game on Xbox One

How to Refund a Game on Xbox One

We all make mistakes on occasion, and some are a lot more severe than others. Though having an undesired copy of a video game is certainly a lot less dire than, say, making the decision to punch a polar bear in the face, nobody likes to waste their money.

Getting a refund for an Xbox One game is very situational, and varies from country to country. If it is a physical copy, you will most likely have to pursue a refund from the retailer that sold you the game. Some stores have a limited grace period where they will fully refund or exchange games for change of mind, however this is typically not the case with hardware. Generally speaking, returned items are made available for resale as a new, unused item, whereas consoles hold account information and other private details that renders them unsellable at the full retail price.

Digital purchases are much less flexible, and most retailers will not refund any codes, unless they are faulty (and even then, it is up to the discretion of the staff, dependent on their policy). Your best option is to contact Microsoft directly, and explain your situation. Depending on the consumer law of your country, you may or may not be able to procure a refund for change of mind. Failing that, you may be able to exchange the item for something of equal or greater value.

The phone number is 1-800-469-9269 in US and Canada, or you can make an inquiry on the Microsoft website. To find details specific to where you live, go to – your browser should automatically redirect you to your local version.

For the best chance of success, familiarize yourself with your nation’s consumer law, as well as Microsoft’s return policy, which is readily available on their website. Be confident and firm, but remain courteous and polite. For more tips and tricks, check out the full range of content here on Twinfinite!

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