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Prey: Mooncrash Receives New Full Moon Update Today

Prey Mooncrash

Prey: Mooncrash Receives New Full Moon Update Today

Prey: Mooncrash just welcomed its latest update today, with a patch that brings a whole host of goodies and adjustments to the expansion, including goodies from other Bethesda titles. For instance, you can grab special Elder Scrolls and The Evil Within operator skins, engraved weapons, and two brand-new mimic hats, with either the striped top hat or the bamboo option. If you’re going to be traipsing around in the new DLC, you’ll want to be looking your best, of course.

The update also brings smaller quality of life adjustments to the title, including the following fixes:

  • Increase to the Sim Point cost and Fabrication cost of the Delay_Loop.Time consumable
  • “Abort Current Run” addition, allowing you to kill off your current operator and return to the operator selection screen
  • Very slightly increased Neuromod Sim Point cost
  • Fix to Care4Yu S-i34000x chipset blocking the poison effect during the “It Gets Worse” quest
  • Bug fix for issue that previously caused weapon upgrades to revert if dropped in a level before a transition

If you’ve not yet tried out the Prey: Mooncrash update, the $20 DLC expansion finds players navigating a Moonbase while fighting off the Typhon found within. The map layout stays the same throughout each run, but enemies, hazards, and loot changes up each time you run through.

Check out the update trailer above and get ready to dive in with the new additions and features!

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