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Pokemon Quest: How to Get the Bronze Cooking Pot


Pokemon Quest: How to Get the Bronze Cooking Pot

How to Get the Bronze Cooking Pot in Pokemon Quest

Pokemon Quest is Gamefreak’s new spin-off title in the Pokemon universe that has you controlling cube-shaped pocket monsters and exploring Tumblecube Island, completing expeditions, battling other Pokemon, obtaining materials, cooking up recipes, and befriending new Pokemon for your expedition team.

There are twelve different areas for you to complete in Pokemon Quest, but getting through these areas can prove to be a bit challenging if you don’t befriend and power up your Pokemon. Cooking the right recipes in the correct pots is how you will befriend some super strong critters, but if you aren’t constantly cooking then you might as well just give up now. The first pot that you start the game with is fine and all, but you’re going to need a bronze pot if you plan on progressing easily.

In order to obtain the bronze pot in Pokemon Quest, you must first complete the last level in the third area, Backforth Brook, where you have to fight the boss Pokemon, which happens to be a Cloyster. Having the bronze pot in your possession will allow you to make recipes with up to 10 different ingredients and will bring in Pokemon ranging from level 15 to level 40. Having this bronze pot will be beneficial to getting together a strong party for future expeditions, and with more items being able to be used for recipes, you can create some yummy dishes that will bring all of the Pokemon to your camp. And once you progress even farther, you will have access to even more pots down the line.

Pokemon Quest is currently available for the Nintendo Switch and for iOS and Android devices. For more help, tips, and tricks on everything Pokemon Quest be sure to search for Twinfinite – we got you covered.

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