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No Man’s Sky NEXT PS4 Update: What Time it Goes Live


No Man’s Sky NEXT PS4 Update: What Time it Goes Live

What Time the No Man’s Sky NEXT PS4 Update Goes Live

It has been nearly two years since No Man’s Sky initially launched on PS4. It didn’t meet the expectations of many, and Hello Games was criticized for how they promoted the game. Now, after a lot of hard work, the game is making its way to Xbox One, alongside a huge new update. The new update, called NEXT, adds full multiplayer functionality, which allows you to explore the infinite number of planets alongside some friends and fellow explorers. It also allows you to build anywhere on planets, and the game looks better than it has ever done before. The NEXT update is currently live on Xbox One, but PS4 owners may be wondering when they’re going to be able to jump in and play with friends.

PS4 players are going to have to wait a little longer than Xbox One owners to install the NEXT update. As Sony is known to do, they aren’t putting the update live until the PlayStation Store updates. That tends to happen at 11am ET, which is 4pm BST or 8am PT. Once that time comes, the best way to check for an update is to press Options on the No Man’s Sky icon on your PS4, then choose ‘Check for Update’. If the update is live, it will begin to download and install. We will update you here as soon as it goes live on PS4. We do not know how large the install size will be on PS4 just yet, but you can expect an update as substantial as NEXT to be quite hefty.

Update: As of 11:20am ET, the NEXT Update is live and comes in at a huge 9.72GB.

That’s all you need to know about what time the No Man’s Sky NEXT update goes live on PlayStation 4. For more on No Man’s Sky and its NEXT update, be sure to check out our wiki.

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