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No Man’s Sky NEXT: How to Repair Frigates


No Man’s Sky NEXT: How to Repair Frigates

How to Repair Frigates in No Man’s Sky NEXT

The NEXT update in No Man’s Sky makes it much easier for players to obtained Freighters and Frigates now. After warping to new star systems a few times, you’ll eventually get into a combat encounter where you can protect a Freighter from enemy ships. Fend them off, and the captain will give you command over the Freighter and all the Frigates it commands. This means you can now send your Frigates off on missions. But what happens when they get damaged during an expedition? Here’s what you need to know about repairing them in No Man’s Sky.

First off, you can check a Frigate’s status and damage report from the navigation command center in your Freighter. You should also be able to see them on your compass in No Man’s Sky, too, where they’ll show up as red icons. Simply fly over to them in your starship and land on their landing pads to start a communication sequence with the Frigate’s captain. The captain will let you know which parts are damaged, and you can agree to help them with their repairs. After the conversation, several red markers will appear on your compass, and all you have to do is follow the markers and provide the necessary resources to help with the repairs. Once you’ve fixed all damaged components, your Frigate will be fine once again, and you can send it out on expeditions without worrying that it’ll be destroyed without warning.

We definitely recommend repairing your Frigates whenever they take damage, as it can be very risky to send them out even on low-level expeditions. If you lose any Frigates, they’ll be gone permanently, and your only option will be to recruit a new one, which can be expensive.

Be sure to check our wiki for more information on No Man’s Sky and the NEXT update.

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