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New Twin Mirror Developer Diary Delves Further Into The Mystery


New Twin Mirror Developer Diary Delves Further Into The Mystery

Dontnod’s upcoming adventure game Twin Mirror was one of the most interesting surprise announcements at E3 2018, but we barely know anything about it. A new video released by the developer today offers a brief glimpse into more of the game’s world, with commentary and new scenes to get us hyped for the upcoming interactive drama.

Twin Mirror may be one of the closest things we’ve seen from Dontnod to Quantic Dream’s category to date, but that may be a good thing for the studio. The studio teases an intriguing new gameplay feature that’s going to be a big, important part of how things flow together, but they’ve chosen to stay mum on that for now in the video. It’s still something fun to wonder about, especially given the fact that it’s such a mysterious adventure already.

Dontnod CEO Oskar Guilbert outlines some other interesting aspects of the upcoming title.

“What is quite new in Twin Mirror compared to other projects is the investigation aspect that is really at the heart of the gameplay,” he says in the developer diary video. “You’ll discover the hidden reality and be able to, in a very interesting way, a very surprising way, keep moving through the beautiful story of Twin Mirror.

Right now, it looks like Twin Mirror still doesn’t have a firm release date just yet. However, a close look at its official Twitter page says it’s targeting a 2019 debut. We’ll have to wait and see how true that is.

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