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NBA 2K18: How to Get Updated Rosters


NBA 2K18: How to Get Updated Rosters

How to Get Updated Rosters in NBA 2K18

Madness, mayhem and carnage in the NBA!! LeBron is going to the Lakers, Boogie takes his talents to Golden State. DeAndre will be suiting up for the Mavs next season, Derrick Rose stays put in Minnesota, and the Sacramento Kings shocked the sporting landscape by signing a player of great significance nobody. Absolutely nobody.

In just a few short days, your NBA 2K18 rosters are suddenly looking pretty outdated, but the community has stepped up to provide you with fresh rosters so you can squeeze just a little bit more juice out of the game before 2K19 hits your local store shelves.

To download updated rosters on PS4 and Xbox One, select “options/features” in the main menu. Scroll over to the “roster creator” option, and select “create roster”.

A list of available user-made rosters will appear. Press Y on Xbox One or triangle on PS4 to search by gamertag. If you are playing on Xbox, enter BryanDfor3 and if playing on PS4, enter SkillazKill

Select the roster labeled either 2K19 ROOKIES+TRADES, & SIGNINGS or NBA 2K19 ROSTER, depending on your platform. After it has loaded, you can exit and save the roster. If you want to use this roster in a Quick Game, press on the left control stick (L3 on Ps4) in the Quick Game menu to load the custom roster.

The process is a bit different on PC, as it requires installation of a mod pack. In this case, bluejaybrandon’s Draft Class Mod Pack. Next, create a modded folder on your PC at the following location: SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/NBA2K18

Drag the contents of the Mod Pack into this folder, and search for the ID prax on 2KShare. The file you are looking for is named Official Roster 2019 w/Rookies.

With that, your rosters will look shiny and new! For more tips, tricks and guides on all things NBA 2K18 and beyond, stick with the team here on Twinfinite.

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