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MLB The Show 18: How to Get a Hold


MLB The Show 18: How to Get a Hold

How to Get a Hold in MLB The Show 18

MLB The Show 18 is out and whether you’re wrapped up in Franchise or Diamond Dynasty, stats are always going to be an important thing to any baseball fan. Baseball is king of convoluted stats and record keeping. Franchise players (usually) like to have their stats be as realistic as possible, while in Diamond Dynasty, to complete programs you’ll need to grind out and accumulate a ton of different statistics in MLB The Show 18. You’ll need to complete ridiculous challenges to get the very best program players like getting 50+ doubles, hitting lots of home runs, drawing walks, and more. If you’re here though, you’re probably wondering about one of the more tricky stats in particular: the hold.

First let’s explain what a hold is. A hold is when a relief pitcher enters a game with a three run or less lead, and hands the ball off to another pitcher with that three run or less lead still intact. The difference between this and a save is that the relief pitcher that does this and ends the game, gets a save instead of a hold. So think of it as a mid-game save if you will. What trips some people up is that they don’t realize the part where you not only need a lead, it needs to be three runs or less. If you’re losing, or you’re up by more than three runs in MLB The Show 18, you won’t get credited with a hold.

If you’re playing Diamond Dynasty and you want a trick to getting lots of holds in MLB The Show 18, try playing in Conquest mode where the games are only three innings. Pitch an inning with your starter, get a one lead in your half of the inning, and then remove of the starter, put in a reliever, and swap out the reliever for another after every out. Every .1 of an inning does count as a hold as long as the above criteria are met. This works in longer games as well, some people just prefer the shorter games.

That’s it for how to get a hold in MLB The Show 18. Hopefully, you understand how to get holds now. Best of luck out there if you’re grinding out those Diamond Dynasty programs!

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