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MapleStory M: How to Get a Treasure Box


MapleStory M: How to Get a Treasure Box

How to Get a Treasure Box in MapleStory M

Knowing exactly what to spend your money on in MapleStory M is key to progressing steadily through the game, especially given that resources, though often plentiful, are something only available in limited amounts. You don’t want to blow money on things that you might otherwise be given for free. Equipment in Maple Story M is a commodity that you’ll need in no short supply, but don’t necessarily have to be purchased outright. There are a couple of different ways to get equipment; however, you’ll find yourself most typically obtaining pieces of equipment from treasure boxes. Here’s how to get a treasure box in MapleStory M.

Players are actually awarded a single free treasure box each day. These can be accessed by simply heading to a Cash Shop and redeeming the treasure box from the menu that displays the vendor’s wares. The first time is free, after that, you’ll have to shell out 50,000 Mesos per box. Equipment can also be bought through the trade station. Do bear in mind that while Meso is plentiful throughout MapleStory M, you’ll find that prices for items, equipment, and everything else are pretty hefty, especially at the start of the game. Be diligent with your currency and don’t go blowing it on too many treasure boxes, tempting as it is.

It’s worth noting that equipment will also drop as a reward for completing elite level dungeons, so consider leveling up your character as quickly as possible to be able to take on these dungeons and reap their reward rather than shelling out money on what is essentially a gamble.

That’s all you need to know about how to get a treasure box in MapleStory M. For more useful information, guides, and tips on the game, keep it locked on Twinfinite.

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