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Islands of Nyne: How to Sprint & Run Fast


Islands of Nyne: How to Sprint & Run Fast

How to Sprint & Run Fast in Islands of Nyne

Islands of Nyne is another foray into the Battle Royale genre. This time around, it’s in First Person, making it an FPS game. This means your field of view is definitely going to be minimized when compared to third-person battle royale games like Fortnite or PUBG. As such, the action is fast-paced and could lead to you getting gotten with some shots pretty quickly. You’re going to want to know how to run, and fast! Not only that, but it’s also a way better way to get around the huge map (which will constantly be pushing you within the different circles. Here’s how to sprint and run fast within the game.

Like other FPS games, you’re going to need to hold down a button to sprint. This time around, in Islands of Nyne, that button is Shift. Usually, it’s Shift, honestly. You’re going to need to be holding that a lot. It’s smart to use your pinky to do this, in case this is your first time playing an FPS game on a PC.

Running or sprinting allows you to get around IoN’s massive map faster, so you’re definitely going to want to do it often. It’s no joke how much you’ll have to walk. Not to mention, of course, that when you’re getting shot at, your best bet will be to sprint away from the battle and catch your bearings as you find our where the firing is coming from.

That’s all there is to sprinting and running in Islands of Nyne! If you need more help, let us know in the comments down below with a question. If you want to find the question for yourself, you could always use our search bar to get to the appropriate guide you’ll need.

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