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Islands of Nyne: How to Equip & Throw Grenades


Islands of Nyne: How to Equip & Throw Grenades

How to Equip & Use Grenades in Islands of Nyne

Sometimes, it’s better to blow your enemies away with one well-placed explosion than to try and pepper them with valuable ammunition. Such is the case in Islands of Nyne, a new first-person battle royale game where players duke it out to be the last gunners left alive, and we’ve got everything you need to know about the title’s small explosives.

Among the many armaments available to players, grenades act much as they do in any other shooter. By adjusting their aim in an arc and landing them in the right position, players can take out one or several enemies at once while also forcing other players out of cover. Grenades occupy a utility slot and the default number that can be carried at the start of a match is two. However, three can be held at once if an extra capacity unit is found.

To use grenades, players must first find them scattered throughout the battlefield as they aren’t included in the starting equipment. After tracking them down, they can be equipped by pressing the G button and can then be aimed and fired with the mouse and left mouse button. Unlike guns however, it is aimed with an arc line and can be thrown further by adjusting the view upward.

Grenades are ideal for smoking other players out of hiding places and cover, as most players will be harder to keep in the explosives’ area of effect while they’re on the move. When possible, aim them as close to the enemy as possible opposite to an exit or direction where you’d want them to flee. If other players are distracted by fighting one another and in close enough proximity to each other, you can maximize the effectiveness of your grenade by lobbing it in-between them, killing or repositioning multiple other players in one move.

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