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Islands of Nyne Cost: How Much its Price Is


Islands of Nyne Cost: How Much its Price Is

How Much Islands of Nyne Costs

If you’ve been on Twitch in the last few hours (or even on Steam), you will have realized that Island of Nyne is now out the shadows and into its early access phase. Popular streamers such as DrDisrespect are giving it a spin, and if you’re here, you’re probably wondering how you can get in on it as well. More specifically what the cost of Islands of Nyne is.

Islands of Nyne is not free-to-play, you will have to pony up some dough to enter its early access phase. Islands of Nyne costs $24.99 for one Steam Early Access Digital Copy. This is used (obviously) to play on Steam. Because it’s in early access still, there’s still lots of things that the developer, Define Human Studios, have to iron out.

Islands of Nyne has been in development since 2015, well before the battle royale craze took off in late-2017, early-2018. The game is played 100% from a first-person perspective, so it has more of a tight FPS shooter feel to it than what you would expect from a game like Fortnite which is often played in third-person. It runs on a modified version of the Unreal Engine 4 and features team members that worked at companies such as Bioware, and Epic Games.

It’s an indie developed game, as Define Human Studios is a Kickstarter funded studio that controls all creative choices on the game. They are both developer and publisher, and according to them, because there’s no external pressure to rush the product out, they are able to decide when they are satisfied with a feature and/or the overall product. As time goes on, features such as customization, skins, and esport considerations will be further fleshed out.

That does it for how much Islands of Nyne costs! For more guides, tips, tricks and FAQs for popular games, search Twinfinite.

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