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Islands of Nyne Release Date: When it Comes Out


Islands of Nyne Release Date: When it Comes Out

When Does Islands of Nyne Come Out?

Islands of Nyne, the latest battle royale game to reach early access from developer Define Human Studios, is finally something that fans looking for something new can go out and purchase. Unlike Fortnite, it’s not free-to-play and without a code, the game will run you $24.99. Free or not, when does Islands of Nyne come out? Well that depends on your definition.

Like so many games in its genre, and just in general even too, Islands of Nyne is not yet officially release. What you’re purchasing if you’re purchasing it now is entry into the early access that will eventually one day become a full release. Believe it or not, whether you realize it or not, Fortnite is even still in early access and will come out later this year.

If you’re wondering when Islands of Nyne comes out, well, so are we. Right now the only thing listed on their official site is July 12, 2018, AKA today at the time of this posting. Console versions of the game are still 100% TBA. There’s no information on when Islands of Nyne will come out fully or what its release date will be, but hey if this level of access is “out” enough for you, well then considered Islands of Nyne to be out then!

While it might seem like yet another game trying to capitalize on the battle royale craze, IoN has actually been in development since 2015. Unlike games like Fortnite, IoN is all first-person, and at a quick glance, looks more like CoD: Black Ops than something like PUBG. But of course, when you drill down a little further, IoN is a BR game through in through with many of the same familiar gameplay features such as weapon scavenging.

That does it for when Islands of Nyne’s release date is and when it comes out and when it will come out! For more guides, tips, tricks and FAQs for popular games, search Twinfinite.

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