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How to Get Borderlands 2 for Free


How to Get Borderlands 2 for Free

How to Get Borderlands 2 for Free

Borderlands 2 might be six years old, but that still hasn’t slowed its fans down, and with its frenetic pace, unique visual aesthetic and extensive modding community, it remains one of the most popular games on Steam. Every now and then, an offer pops up that creates a buzz, and word spreads like wildfire.

The question on many people’s minds at the moment is, can you grab a copy of Borderlands 2 for free right now?

Exciting as the concept may be, this is not presently the case; however, the idea is not without precedent. On occasion, Borderlands 2 has been free to play for brief periods at a time. The most recent offer was back in late May via Steam, and it allowed people to play for free over an entire weekend. It is important to note that this did not continue past that date, and though the full game was offered with a 75% discount, once the weekend had finished, free access was no longer available.

Those who are hoping to hit the next wave would be best advised to keep their eyes on the next Steam offer or to check Twitch Prime’s current offering of free games. Though you have to pay for the service, they unveil a new free game on a daily basis, with their download periods being available for an entire week at a time.

Even if it isn’t free, Borderlands 2 often goes on sale, sometimes with all DLC included, so you may not have to wait for too long until your chance to grab this awesome title at a massively reduced rate. Remain vigilant, and keep hitting refresh on those homepages!

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