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Fortnite’s Crack in the Sky Is Getting Larger


Fortnite’s Crack in the Sky Is Getting Larger

On Saturday, Fortnite’s rocket blasted off into the sky, causing an enormous crack to appear. It’s been growing ever since it made its appearance, apparently, and as a result it looks like Saturday’s Blast Off event was only the beginning of a ton of changes coming to the game soon. Players were transfixed on the sky around the world in-game, as a huge crack etched its way across the sky over Moisty Mire.

Reddit users have been keeping an eye out on he crack, as it looks like one particular area is growing more than the other. Of course, no one really knows what this means. There are theories abound, but there’s nothing official out there just yet on what exactly is going on. It’s still fun to watch players try and figure it out. Epic Games clearly is working on the same kind of hype train that it was for the entire meteor strike, but to what end? What will come of all this? We’ll have to wait and see, but as things change and come to a head, we’ll make sure to let you know.

Right now, it’s fun to watch people freak out and try to figure out what’s happening, especially since people seem to think this could be indicative of some sort of “simulation,” or even a piñata — or something like it. It’s crazy, but that’s definitely what we’re used to in Fortnite. We should continue to see changes over the coming days, that’s for sure.

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