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Fortnite: Is the Guided Missile Back? What You Need to Know


Fortnite: Is the Guided Missile Back? What You Need to Know

Is the Guided Missile Back in Fortnite? What You Need to Know

Fortnite doesn’t keep every single weapon that Epic introduces into its arsenal via updates. We’ve already seen the likes of the Crossbow and Tac SMG vaulted, and the Guided Missile launcher had also been vaulted a few months ago after it proved to be a little overpowered. However, you may have heard mutterings that the Guided Missile is, in fact, back in Fortnite’s Season 5.

Well, the mutterings you’ve had are correct. The Guided Missile is indeed back in Fortnite thanks to an update today, but there’s plenty that you need to know regarding its effectiveness.

Put it this way, the Guided Missile has seen some considerable nerfs since it was last in the game, and it now works better as a means of scouting your nearby surroundings for any enemies that may be sneaking up on you. We’ve pulled all of the info from today’s patch notes regarding the Guided Missile’s stats below.

  • Available in Epic and Legendary variants.
  • Fuse duration reduced from 18 to 15 seconds.
  • Movement Speed decreased from 1100 to 1000.
  • Reload time increased to 2.4/2.2.
  • Reduced player damage from 105/110 down to 74/77 damage.
  • Reduced structure damage down from 1100 to 400.
  • Explosions now damage structures with no regard for Line of Sight.
  • Guided Missile can also be controlled via keyboard using the default movement inputs.

As you can see, the Guided Missile is considerably weaker than it once was, but it’s still an incredibly handy weapon to have at your disposal if you can afford the space in your inventory.

Fortnite also has a new LTM mode called Fly Explosives, which sees you dropping onto a map littered with explosive weapons and jetpacks only. It’s absolute chaos, but a good way to get acquainted with the Guided Missile launcher should you be struggling to find one in a normal match.

That’s all you need to know about the previously vaulted Guided Missile launcher in Fortnite. Though, it’s worth knowing before we go that there’s no guarantee that it won’t be vaulted once again if it still doesn’t fit into the meta of the game.

For more on Fortnite Season 5, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki. Or if you need a hand with any of the weekly challenges so far, be sure to check out our direct links below.

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