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Find Mermaid Statues in Sea of Thieves’ The Sunken Curse Event, Live Now

Sea of Thieves

Find Mermaid Statues in Sea of Thieves’ The Sunken Curse Event, Live Now

Sea of Thieves’ latest weekly event is going on now, with The Sunken Curse. Players can take part in the event starting today, July 11, through July 25. The Sunken Curse will find Sea of Thieves fans heading underwater to uncover a series of mysterious artifacts. The Bilge Rats are bursting with information to help players figure out where they’re located, so their chatter should be a first stop on your way to finding the collection of mermaid statues lost in the briny deep.

Most of the statues simply need to be destroyed when found, and some will even regenerate health. You’ve got the bust out the bigger weapons and use more firepower to take those out, of course. But it’s not all about finding and destroying sunken items. You’ll also be able to pick up new Wailing Barnacle cosmetics, including a hat, dress, and jacket. You can only buy them with Bilge Rat Doubloons, and they’re only up for grabs until July 25.

Speaking of Bilge Rat Doubloons, there are 100 of them available for standard Commendations and 50 more of them for finishing off the Legendary Commendation and becoming a Legendary Curse Breaker. You can check your progress on the Bilge Rat progress screen to see how many you’ve earned so you can buy all those new cosmetic goodies.

You can check out the official Sea of Thieves Developer Update for additional information below.

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