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FIFA 18 Futties: How to Complete End of an Era Iniesta SBC


FIFA 18 Futties: How to Complete End of an Era Iniesta SBC

How to Complete End of an Era Iniesta SBC in FIFA 18

The annual Futties event has arrived in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. This year, the voting system works a little differently to how it has done before, but the Futties themselves aren’t the only thing that’s returned in the event. End of an Era SBC cards are back. After Kaka and Andrea Pirlo earlier in the year, Andreas Iniesta, who has called time on his career at Barcelona, has now got a card that you can unlock from a Squad Building Challenge. Here’s everything you need to know about how to unlock it.

The SBC is split into four sections, here’s how you complete each of them:

For Club…:

Requirements: Min. 2 Barcelona Players, Min. 2 Team of the Week Players, 83 Rated Squad, 75 Chemistry.

The best option for this one is to build a squad from a league that isn’t La Liga, because those players will be expensive right now, then add two Barcelona players next to each other in the squad. Because they get a strong link to each other, they’ll get enough chemistry to allow for a squad from a different league. The TOTW players from other leagues will also be less expensive.

For Country:

Requirements: Min. 2 Spain Players, Min. 1 Team of the Week Players, Min. 1 Team of the Season Players, 84 Rated Squad, 80 Chemistry.

You’ll probably need a La Liga squad here, however. Be sure to use an untradable TOTS player that you probably already have in your squad. Then, build an 84 rated La Liga squad around them, making sure that you have a TOTW player and two Spanish players in there.

84 Rated Squad:

Requirements: 84 Rated Squad, 60 Chemistry.

The best thing to do here is to choose a minor league, maybe Liga Nos, and make a squad out of the 85/84/83 rated players there. Players like Brahimi, Bas Dost, William Carvalho, and Iker Casillas will be helpful. Then bolster the squad with a high rated player or two if needs be.

85 Rated Squad:

Requirements: 85 Rated Squad, 60 Chemistry.

Same as above, for the 84-rated squad. You may need a couple of additional high rated players, but the chemistry requirements are low enough that that shouldn’t be an issue.

Once you have completed and submitted all these squads, you’ll be rewarded will the 96-rated Andreas Iniesta. Open the reward packs, make a team, and get playing!

That’s all you need to know for how to complete the Andreas Iniesta End of an Era SBC in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. For more on the game, check out our wiki guide.

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