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Fallout: Miami Mod Brings the Heat With New Trailer Showing a Slick-Looking Wasteland

Fallout Miami Mod

Fallout: Miami Mod Brings the Heat With New Trailer Showing a Slick-Looking Wasteland

You may know Miami for its hot nights and beaches, but the makers of this particularly awesome-looking Fallout mod have given it another claim to fame: the site of a nuclear apocalypse. Fallout: Miami has a new trailer that certainly makes it look like a “legit” new game straight from Bethesda, but unfortunately it’s not. It is, however, an ambitious mod that gives us a look at post-apocalyptic Florida, with the sights of beaches that have long since seen better days and the ruined leavings of the city.

Fallout’s vision of Miami features irradiated areas, water pistols that shoot acid, and radio stations rife with some of the coolest Cuban tunes out there. You may even see some ghouls getting ready to take a dive in the ocean, because why not?

The mod will likely be taking off here soon, mostly because it’s an expansive creation with casinos, hotels, shopping districts, and a ton of other cool stuff on offer to check out while trolling the shell of the once proud city. If you can’t wait to try out Fallout 76 or you’re just aching for a new setting for your post-apocalyptic shenanigans, this certainly looks like the next best thing.


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