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Does Samuel L Jackson Like Anime? Here’s Your Answer


Does Samuel L Jackson Like Anime? Here’s Your Answer

Does Samuel L Jackson Like Anime? Here’s Your Answer

It’s hard to believe it, but Samuel L Jackson has been gracing our screens for almost 50 years, with his first role taking place all the way back in 1972. Despite this, he has shown no signs of slowing down, and in the modern era of the Internet, his quirky, magnetic personality has kept him at the forefront of the public’s imagination more than ever. So does he like the things we like, like anime? Is he a closeted otaku? 色々なアニメが好き?!

As it turns out, Samuel L Jackson is in fact partial to anime, or at least professes such in order to get a laugh. In a 2017 YouTube video for WIRED, Jackson answered a selection of the questions most often asked by fans, as composited by Google’s predictive search feature. They range from the obvious; about his ongoing streak of appearances in Quentin Tarantino movies and the origin of Mace Windu’s infamous purple lightsaber in the Star Wars prequels, to the bizarre, such as when he died, to something cryptic about a ‘bacon number’.

When queried whether he likes anime, he responded that he does, before noting that he’s also fond of hentai, as well, so make of that what you will (maybe he would enjoy our list of top adult games, then?)

Considering his past history with the genre and close involvement with Afro Samurai (acting as producer in addition to voicing the titular character), it shouldn’t be too hard to believe. He’s into much more random things, after all; we still can’t figure out how or why he became a Toronto Raptors fan, for one.

For more celebrity sleuthing of all shapes and sizes, stay right here on Twinfinite. We’ve also lots of great anime content, too! Not quite so much on the hentai front.

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