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DBZ Dokkan Battle: What Extreme Z Awakening Is


DBZ Dokkan Battle: What Extreme Z Awakening Is

What Extreme Z Awakening Is in DBZ Dokkan Battle

It’s rarely nice to be awoken before you were ready, but going through Extreme Z Awakening is apparently a fate in DBZ Dokkan Battle that is seen as desirable. So what is this curious process all about, why should you want to be involved, and how come you won’t be asking for five more minutes of Extreme Z Snooze beforehand?

By undergoing Extreme Z Awakening in Dokkan Battle, the power of your cards is boosted even further; a step higher than standard Z Awakening, as well as tweaking existing passive leader skills – the specifics of which differs from card to card.

Undertaking the process requires the use of a certain amount of Extreme Z-Battle Medals, awarded through participation in timed Dokkan Events. As a general rule, Extreme Z Awakening is reserved only for high-level cards that are already near the peak of their power, such as Saiyans like SSJ3 Goku and Broly, or ruthless villains like Full Power Frieza or Perfect Cell.

Overall, Extreme Z Awakening is simply yet another wrinkle to the combat system that can take your collection over the next step towards elite. Though there aren’t a lot of cards that can utilize the process in Dokkan Battle yet, no doubt more will be added down the track. Note as well, that some Extreme Z Awakening cards are only available as part of the original Japanese version of the game, and not yet present in the Global edition.

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